Super Homo Gay People

2009-08-27 08:25:08 by JoeSomebody2

I recently made a loop which was titled Coming Out, and mentioned it was placed in a movie I edited about a man coming out of the closet. I didn't leave a link to it in the description (but I'll be sure to leave one here), so I guess it couldn't be watched for the context of how it was used. All the same, I got a review which ignored the music completly and focused solely on the loops title and description.

Granted, I'm not too frakked up about it, because I assume the guy did it just to rile me. I knew him to be a troll, and while they say you shouldn't feed them, it's hard not to mock arrogance, even if the arrogance is staged. Although a letter I eventually got from him made me think he was serious? Questionable, because he just came off even more arrogant than before. Again, troll feeding is good sport.

So how do I cope? I watch and edit old video footage from when I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show almost one year ago. How the time seems to fly away from me!

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