Lazy Man Needs Food

2009-09-25 22:33:22 by JoeSomebody2

Well, I'm certainly batting 100 for being lazy. Dishes need to be washed, apartment needs to be cleaned up, my room needs to be cleaned up, have friends to call back, a Dungeons and Dragons game to prepare for next week, need to read up on and create LARP rules, have close to a years worth of film to look through, stories to be written, exercise to complete, need to keep up with basic hygeine, a wiki needs updating... *sigh*

Though I think I'll go shopping first, since I need to do that as well. Plus I'm hungry, and the store is likely to close soon if I don't go now.

And Mr. Roulette is the best game ever. :D


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2009-09-25 23:59:45

Wow That SUre ISnt Interesting FUCK YOU God Dam I Hate You 2 Hell Bye

JoeSomebody2 responds:

Interesting to know that little ole me can affect you so. ;)