All Tools Are There

2009-12-29 04:17:18 by JoeSomebody2

All the tools are at my disposal. Just need to pick them up and work with them. Failure after this fact is just proof of being inept. Enough speaking on that, and onto other news!

A new song is up. Going to get to work on the video now and hopefully get it finished before...what, 9 AM or so? Then I'll pack up and head out, getting my new parking permit (if I'm lucky), deliver a late present (also lucky), and to my Dungeons and Dragons game on time (going to be done unless something stops me).

In talks with a few friends about future projects. Expect a series! Also need to speak with another one who is trying to create a LARP game, but I'm not pulling the weight. Need to read, collaborate, and work if I hope to have any redeeming qualities.

Anyone else addicted to Dragon Quest Monsters?...That's what I thought. :D


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