New Tunes and Rubbish

2010-09-23 21:10:22 by JoeSomebody2

So I finally got myself to upload a new song which I've made awhile ago, but for some reason of other didn't upload it here to Newgrounds yet. Funny, because plenty of people have been asking me to upload it for them so they could listen without having to be on YouTube to hear it. Oh well. Let's see if it gets downloaded I suppose. More songs to upload in the days to come as well.

In other news, I hate my computer for being bizarre about things. Granted, I seem to have narrowed down to what may have been causing the problems, but it doesn't make it any less annoying. Will work with it some more and see if it will be the death of me.

And I finally touched up on some video work I've been holding off on! This summer has been hell for me in terms of production, in that I got nothing done. At all. Least I'm realizing as such and will hopefully catch up with all my intentions and make them a reality. Better than a dream I say, which can tease but never touch.


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