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2011-09-06 01:20:10 by JoeSomebody2

These days I write blogs and consider my home base on the Internet to be my Wordpress. I update it more than this thing here, so you should probably check that out other than this blog section of my NG page. As it goes.


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2013-05-14 04:17:54

You're a rather capable writer and a seemingly affable fellow, why not mirror/copy your wordpress blogs here? This site needs all the older fellas/ladies it can get.
BTW, is from your neck of the planet too.... not that it matters much, but stranger things have happened.

JoeSomebody2 responds:

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to make more use of this blog feature to let folk know what's up, though I think I need a little more content before that's a viable option. Did recently release a new audio, but need more than that to me liking. Keeping this specific to Newgrounds material and my personal blog about whatever feels ideal, you know? Also, huzzah for Newgrounds finally working in some sort of notification system that let's me know when a comment or review is posted. Saves me the hassle of checking each individually. Check what though? Ha ha. :D

Also also, Wisconsin musician? Stationed near Madison? This makes me smile more than you know, so thank you for that. ;)


2013-05-14 20:52:47

Ha, nah, you just gotta write once or twice a month, and review the content here :) Luckily, they made NG a bit more 'social networking' friendly recently.... also Happy 4th NG Birthday/Anniversary! You'll have been here 4 years this Friday!

No prob Joe, my slightly autistic brain catalogs all kinds of semi-useless info, to the benefit of other members here :)

JoeSomebody2 responds:

Took yon advice and made a new post. That WAS your advice, right? *shrug* My presence here has been rather small, but the new system certainly gives an incentive to be around and productive, that it does. Quite the gift to me for officially being a user here for 4 years. Will celebrate at Anime Central this weekend. :D