Entry #9

Korahl - 2 is Out

2013-05-14 21:55:29 by JoeSomebody2

A recent comment on my previous blog post here on Newgrounds (huzzah for notifications) made me realize I should take advantage of the blog if I've made something new. At first I thought that doesn't help, given I haven't made anything new here in quite awhile, conveniatly forgetting about some new audio uploaded yesterday. Called Korahl - Jakef, it's the music used for Korahl -2, a remix of old and new footage from Korahl -1 well over a year ago. Enjoy?


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2013-05-14 22:20:46

Well, since you uploaded some audio, your new newspost is listed right at the bottom of the page (between Collections and Games), for all to see!
What's the message of that creepifing video?

JoeSomebody2 responds:

The original footage made to accompany the music heard in Korahl - 1 was pretty much an experiment in being creepy. Me and my friend have never attempted such things before, visually or in the editing room, and Korahl - 2 was my edit (with all new music). So there is no message, but there is certainly an intent. ;)


2013-07-19 20:24:40

im diggin the song man, keep it up!

JoeSomebody2 responds:

I'll need to be in touch with my friend so he creates more. In addition, we already have music for a Korahl - 3...we just need to film it. ;)