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Aside from having even more wonderful Undertale content to appreciate, this animation helps us better comprehend the SCALE of the battle Frisk/Chara has at hand. Flowey is effectively the GOD of the world, toying with it as he sees fit, and this plays into the Fourth Wall breakage that makes Undertale so fascinating.

And this isn't even Flowey's final form. :D

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MEOWTH!!! That's right! :D

I suppose it wouldn't be fulfilled year if we didn't have at least 1 loop from you, but DAMN this one got under my skin. Seeing pop culture figures in this fashion and the act alone is disturbing, and coupled with the sheer absurdity of crying out, "Why is there so much!?"...I can't help but laugh. It's how I manage to survive. :P

So this is the title sequence to officially introduce The Aldred Alfer Movie? It's certainly something, and as perverse as the rest of the animations that have come from you thus far. But that segment with Alfred on the throne, panning out with the film proclamation to all that staic? That was very unnerving, because it was AWESOME and seems to sum up Alfred and the madness we would see in a single moment of audio and visual assault. That stuff's hard to achieve yo!

Once again I'm intruiged with where this is going, because it would seem this leads right back to Alfred's Playhouse (deliveryman, wonky washing machine, similar animation leading to entrance). The order of all this is confusing as well, because you say it begins with Rotten Meat, a music video with plenty of violence but no context. If we're to believe the timeline with that and where this segment takes place, this title doesn't come in till over thirty minutes?

But it has been noted this film is being made out of order, with your attention being taken wherever the madness feels strongest. So however this film finishes itself, it will be interesting to see how it's all pieced together.

emily-youcis responds:

Yes, this is the official title sequence. There will proabably end up being more credits for music and ish over time so I'll have to stick that in though.
You are also correct about Alfred going back to the playhouse at the end! This necropheliac episode is supposed to be the result of Dictator Alfred taking over the body at the end of the playhouse, as he comes back to the Fed Ex Guy's freshly slaughtered corpse. We're goin back , back to tha beginning, and deeper than ever before ;D
As far as the music video, it's just supposed to be one of those music vidyas they have before features, such as The Muppet's Stand By Me in teh beginning of the big green. Kind of just giving foreshadowing of wuts to come. Will weed out the lame-o's from the cool people in the theatre right from the start, so the Christians can get out early. Then we will follow the Flying Death Hearse out of EMRM into Alfie's big suprise.
I thhank you for taking the time to read into this instead of just going WTF

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The music. Because of it, right off the bat I was hooked. I've always been fond of the chiptune style of music, and that slow volume build at the title screen caught my attention hard. On the gameplay, it does indeed feel like the start of a larger adventure, and more accurately a test to see what you could do with the mechanics. Given that, the necessity to actually fight the monsters was null. The only time I needed to use my gun was to defeat the boss, and I could otherwise run through without throwing a single punch. Also, the need to constantly tap buttons has always been a turn off to me, making the boss fight rather dangerous to keyboards.

But you do have something in store for the larger game, that much I can tell. It may just be a test, but it's a success at that. The graphics tug at my heart due to the era I grew up in, and the controls are crisp like any side-scroller worth its salt should be. Definitely looking forward to what may come next.

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This is Gaming

This is perhaps one of the more addicting games I've played in awhile. It has complex mechanisms, and good replay value with the changing parameters. And the fact it was created within a short time just shows you have talent. The controls took getting used to, but that's every game, so what I mean is: you win at life. Congrats. :)

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Nice remake, but horrid control

The design would be fine, as the sounds and music make up for it, but the controls...THE CONTROLS!!! The response from the button press is lagged to begin with, and worse when you want to do another movement. That's what killed it for me. :(

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For a lava level that you will probably never use/make/etc. ...le sigh. A right shame, because it's rocking (as I'm sure the game it's backing up would be). The loop is seamless, and enough energy and hesitancy to denote the awesomeness of traveling over lava...and the danger of it. ;)

SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks! I usually go through lots of ideas/protos before I commit and make a game. This one just didn't catch my intention enough and I scrapped it before even showing anything off. >.<

Walking through an old village indeed

Yep! I really get the feeling of an old fantasy type style village of this. Not too much happening in terms of energy, but that's the way it's supposed to be in such places and times.

And in other news, I think this is perfect for the video project I have in mind. ;)

Perfected n Mellow

This is a perfected to the point before it loops, where the intro bass starts a little too load and off from the beat. Small and really not necessary, and wouldn't be noticed unless someone is really listening to it. Shouldn't bother anyone too much, because the sound is very soothing.

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Clean Enough

I say don't clean it up, for it is its own style. A series of drawings with this style (comic?) would be a very curious piece. Also to note, most sketches have tendency to look flat, whilst this seems separate from the canvas. I likes. :)

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