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The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently. -Friedrich Nietzsche

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Posted by JoeSomebody2 - May 14th, 2013

A recent comment on my previous blog post here on Newgrounds (huzzah for notifications) made me realize I should take advantage of the blog if I've made something new. At first I thought that doesn't help, given I haven't made anything new here in quite awhile, conveniatly forgetting about some new audio uploaded yesterday. Called Korahl - Jakef, it's the music used for Korahl -2, a remix of old and new footage from Korahl -1 well over a year ago. Enjoy?

Posted by JoeSomebody2 - September 6th, 2011

These days I write blogs and consider my home base on the Internet to be my Wordpress. I update it more than this thing here, so you should probably check that out other than this blog section of my NG page. As it goes.

Posted by JoeSomebody2 - September 23rd, 2010

So I finally got myself to upload a new song which I've made awhile ago, but for some reason of other didn't upload it here to Newgrounds yet. Funny, because plenty of people have been asking me to upload it for them so they could listen without having to be on YouTube to hear it. Oh well. Let's see if it gets downloaded I suppose. More songs to upload in the days to come as well.

In other news, I hate my computer for being bizarre about things. Granted, I seem to have narrowed down to what may have been causing the problems, but it doesn't make it any less annoying. Will work with it some more and see if it will be the death of me.

And I finally touched up on some video work I've been holding off on! This summer has been hell for me in terms of production, in that I got nothing done. At all. Least I'm realizing as such and will hopefully catch up with all my intentions and make them a reality. Better than a dream I say, which can tease but never touch.

Posted by JoeSomebody2 - July 13th, 2010

So I was working on another piece of music when I just got frustrated and gave up. Selected something from the wide collection of music from the Audio Portal. Will see if it works out in the end. Don't know why I insist on making the music on my own anyway. Is this a case of slowly maturing into my own style and presentation of music, as it is with all things in life? Or am I simply fooling myself late into the night as I wrack my nerves over something I will never do well enough for my own needs?

Will figure it out eventually. For now, just get the project done and move onto something else. That's what's key at this point. Just getting it done and out of the way. Waited and pondered long enough.

Posted by JoeSomebody2 - December 29th, 2009

All the tools are at my disposal. Just need to pick them up and work with them. Failure after this fact is just proof of being inept. Enough speaking on that, and onto other news!

A new song is up. Going to get to work on the video now and hopefully get it finished before...what, 9 AM or so? Then I'll pack up and head out, getting my new parking permit (if I'm lucky), deliver a late present (also lucky), and to my Dungeons and Dragons game on time (going to be done unless something stops me).

In talks with a few friends about future projects. Expect a series! Also need to speak with another one who is trying to create a LARP game, but I'm not pulling the weight. Need to read, collaborate, and work if I hope to have any redeeming qualities.

Anyone else addicted to Dragon Quest Monsters?...That's what I thought. :D

Posted by JoeSomebody2 - September 25th, 2009

Well, I'm certainly batting 100 for being lazy. Dishes need to be washed, apartment needs to be cleaned up, my room needs to be cleaned up, have friends to call back, a Dungeons and Dragons game to prepare for next week, need to read up on and create LARP rules, have close to a years worth of film to look through, stories to be written, exercise to complete, need to keep up with basic hygeine, a wiki needs updating... *sigh*

Though I think I'll go shopping first, since I need to do that as well. Plus I'm hungry, and the store is likely to close soon if I don't go now.

And Mr. Roulette is the best game ever. :D

Posted by JoeSomebody2 - August 27th, 2009

I recently made a loop which was titled Coming Out, and mentioned it was placed in a movie I edited about a man coming out of the closet. I didn't leave a link to it in the description (but I'll be sure to leave one here), so I guess it couldn't be watched for the context of how it was used. All the same, I got a review which ignored the music completly and focused solely on the loops title and description.

Granted, I'm not too frakked up about it, because I assume the guy did it just to rile me. I knew him to be a troll, and while they say you shouldn't feed them, it's hard not to mock arrogance, even if the arrogance is staged. Although a letter I eventually got from him made me think he was serious? Questionable, because he just came off even more arrogant than before. Again, troll feeding is good sport.

So how do I cope? I watch and edit old video footage from when I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show almost one year ago. How the time seems to fly away from me!

/* */

Posted by JoeSomebody2 - July 24th, 2009

Achievement get! Computer of epic power gotten, even though it's supposedly standard. Audio visual creations eminent. New song made to commemorate return, though it's originally made to add flavor to remix "return" video being made. Whateva! Come on and skip into the future with me. No, no "no homo". It's perfectly legitimate to skip into a field of pretty flowers and maintain yourself. Not that it really matters. Huzzah!

Posted by JoeSomebody2 - April 16th, 2009

After many years, even though I always had the option, and could have joined in at any time I wanted, participating in the process of voting and creating visual and audio media, I've finally joined Newgrounds as an official user.

No longer a Lurker, but a quasi Lurker, since I am unable to post any type of media and haven't really made official reviews or connections. But I'm getting there, that's for sure. I intend to make something of my presence, and not just an audience member. Took over 8 years to get to this point, and I'm just glad that it's finally happened. Back to getting crap blammed! :D